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Kevin Fountain and his wife Traci are the owners and founders of Fountain Plumbing, Inc.  Kevin comes from a long family history of plumbers and plumbing company owners.  Kevin Fountain’s great-uncle, J.P. Stegall owned “James Stegall Plumbing” back in 1943.  His company employed mostly his brothers and brother-in-laws, one of which was Sam Mink, Kevin’s grandfather.  Sam started his own company in 1960.  Kevin started working for his grandfather on summer breaks when he was 16 years old.  He went on to start his own plumbing company in 1999.  Kevin now also employs several family members:  Cord (his youngest son), Kenneth (his brother), and Evelyn (his mother)

With over 20 years in the plumbing industry, Fountain Plumbing has a reputation for honest, quality work.  Having 33 years of experience plumbing, Kevin is well-known and sought after for his knowledge and diagnostic skills in plumbing.  He believes in educating the customer about their options when it comes to their plumbing needs.  He lets them choose whether they want “good, better, or best.”  Fountain Plumbing is a member of the Better Business Bureau’s and maintains an A+ rating.

Cord, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Science from Texas A&M University. 

Kenneth, also started working for their grandfather at an early age during summer breaks.  He now has 34 years’ experience in the plumbing industry. 

Evelyn, has been the voice at the other end of the phone since Kevin went into business for himself.  Her motto: “Always keep a smile on your face.”

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