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From detecting a leak behind a wall to getting your home ready for the cold winter months, we’ve got a bevy of resources standing by in case you need them. Before you call, check and see if one of your questions is already answered here. Of course, if you would rather talk to one of our friendly team members, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

How to Install a New Toilet

Installing a new toilet is a DIY project that’s simpler than many home plumbers think it is. In reality toilet system is straightforward. And unless you run into significant structural damage when you’re installing the toilet rim, a handy DIY plumber can install most...

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How to Install a Kitchen Faucet

If your current faucet has stopped working, or if it just looks like it was installed during the Nixon administration, it may be time to upgrade your unit. Installing a new kitchen faucet is daunting to a new homeowner, but it’s definitely not an impossible task. By...

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Ways to Unclog a Toilet

If you’re panicking at the moment of rising water and a blocked toilet, do this: On the wall immediately behind and near the toilet is a valve. Turn it one way or the other until you hear the running water stop. If you’re not panicking but are instead staring down at...

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