Five Causes of Water Heater Failure

There is nothing worse than getting into your shower after a long day of hard work only to find that your water is not getting hot as it should be. When this happens, your stress is increased and it can be overwhelming to figure out what the root cause is. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few things you might consider checking as soon as the problem with your water temperature arises.

Water Heater Size

The first thing to think about is how much hot water was used in a short amount of time. If several members of your family are all taking showers, your dishwasher is running and your washing machine is also working then the solution might be as simple as this: you have used up all of the hot water in the water heater tank. When this happens repeatedly and you realize that your hot water needs outweigh the amount of available hot water, then you might need to find a replacement. Our plumbing team at Fountain Plumbing is able to help you determine what size water heater you are needing and get you back to taking warm showers again in no time.

Water Heater Temperature

If you have recently moved to a new location, you need to double check the settings on your water heater if your water is not getting hot. Sometimes the dial is adjusted and the temperature is too low for the desired water temperature. Be sure to never let the hot water heater be placed at anything above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, as burns might occur. 

Water Heater Age

How old is your home? If it is older than 10 years, then there is a chance that your water heater has a heating element that has gone out. If you live in the Tyler, TX area, call Fountain Plumbing for a diagnosis and quote to get your water heater working again quickly. After all, no one enjoys cold showers when you are expecting hot water!

Water Heater Buildup

Over time your water heater tank can experience build up of sediment which can clog pipes and make the delivery of hot water slower than desired. When this happens, you need to drain your water heater tank and clean it out. A job like this is best left in the hands of professionals to help keep you as safe as possible. If you do not have access to your user Manuel for your water heater, always ask a plumber for help to make sure future issues do not arise.

Water Heater Dip Tube

The way an older water heater operates is by pushing cold water to the bottom of the tank by way of a piece called the dip tube. Once the water is at the bottom of the tank it is then heated and sent to the pipes and into your faucet or shower. If you have an older home, this is likely to be an issue you might experience, but newer models of water heaters do not work this way. 

Once you have diagnosed the issue for your water not getting hot, you can determine whether or not you need professional help to resolve the problem. Fountain Plumbing is always there for you and can quickly get your water back to the desired temperature. 

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