How Much Does a Leaking Faucet Cost?

Every household has had an annoying experience with a leaking faucet. Yes, it might be nothing serious at first, but after a while, the nonstop sound of dipping water starts feeling like someone drilling your brain.

However, sound is not the only issue. Leaking faucet requires urgent attention and repair, as ignoring it might cost much more than simply hiring a plumber and fixing it. 

So, let\’s discuss why the leaking faucet occurs, why you should fix it ASAP, and how much it will cost.

Why Does Your Faucet Leak?

The faucet is an essential part of the shower: It controls the flow of the water. However, they can be damaged and worn out, and leaks are the most common faucet-related problems.

 A leaky faucet is easy to spot as water starts dripping uncontrollably. It is a frustrating problem resulting in wasted water and house damage.

There are many common problems associated with leaking faucets. The usual suspect is a worn-out washer, the small circular piece of rubber inside the faucet. Every time you close and open the faucet, the gasket will bounce on the seat and eventually wear out. 

Another common problem is the improper installation of new washers. If it\’s not done correctly or the washer isn\’t the right size, you could end up with a bigger leak than you started with.

There are other common causes unrelated to gaskets, such as valve seat corrosion or a problem with the bottom of the faucet. Yes, it might be a man\’s job in the family to fix the dripping water, but it might not be that as easy DIY as you think, and you might turn the minor issue into more complicated and frustrating.

What Damage Can A Leaking Faucet Bring?

You might think that leaking a few drops of water is nothing significant. However, as I said, it turns into a severe problem in the long term. Let me break down several issues that a leaking faucet brings to your house.

Higher Water Bills

Generally, American households use about 400 gallons of water per day. This includes showers, washing the dishes, washing the clothes, etc. You might even leave the water running when you\’re not using it. 

Every year, countless gallons of water are wasted due to dripping faucets. Did you know? A leaky faucet can often increase your water bill by more than 10% per month. This adds up to almost 10,000 gallons of water wasted each year. Let me explain it more familiarly: 10,000 gallons of water are 180 showers per year. 10,000 gallons of water are also equivalent to the amount of water required for 270 laundry washes.

 Isn\’t it a lot to go waste?

Damage To The Environment

In addition to wasting water, a leaking faucet can cause the pipes to burst. Your house does not have an independent watering system. It is part of the whole water supply chain in the neighborhood, so keep in mind that ignoring the damaged faucet can cause a problem for the entire watering system. Can you imagine how frustrating it is to get the underground pipes burst?

Significant House Damage

Ignored leaking faucet can also cause drains to clog and overflow. It can cause the caulk and grout to deteriorate. The leaking faucet also leads to floor and ceiling damage throughout the place. 

So, if you don\’t wish to repair the whole house, change the floors, ceilings, sink, etc., don\’t postpone fixing the leak issue. Don\’t play with the water flow. It really can bring greater damage.

How Much Does Fixing A Leaking Faucet Cost

Now, let\’s discuss the average costs of fixing a leaky faucet. 

A typical rate for a plumber is $50 to $150 an hour. For professionals, faucet repair is usually a quick job and shouldn\’t take more than an hour. Most plumbers charge at least 1 hour for labor access.

Prices vary depending on which faucet has the issue. Usually, fixing the bathroom faucet can be cheaper than the kitchen one. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Bathroom Faucet? 

Worn-out rubber parts are the most common causes of the bathroom faucets\’ leaking. However, you can buy these rubber parts for less than $10. A plumber can also fix the problem in about an hour, with a typical hourly rate of $50 to $150.

However, the problem might be not the rubber but the faucet itself. A new bathroom sink faucet price starts from $50. However, the price might increase depending on the design and its features. 

For instance, a touchless faucet will cost around $300. A professional will only need about an hour to install a basic faucet. 

Generally, repairing bathroom faucets is faster and cheaper than kitchen faucets. Bathroom ones usually have fewer moving parts that might get worn out or damaged. The replacement parts for bathroom faucets typically cost just a few dollars.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Kitchen Faucet? 

Speaking of kitchen faucets, you\’ll likely have to pay around $250 for a professional\’s time and parts to repair a basic kitchen faucet. If the leak cannot be repaired, you might need to install a new faucet. 

The kitchen faucet is also not a pricy material, and like bathroom faucets, the average cost of a new one starts from $50. However, the professional installation fee ranges between $100-$250. So, let\’s make a quick calculation: totally, the maximum price to get and install a new faucet and fix the leaking issue will cost you a maximum of $400. 

However, this price is still not 100% accurate as the cost of repairing a kitchen faucet will depend on the model you have and the specification of the issue. 

Is It Worth Getting A Plumber To Fix The Faucet?

To sum up, it\’s totally worth hiring a plumber to fix your leaking faucet than just ignoring it. 

While one-time repair could cost you approximately $250-300 bucks, increased water bills, ruined pipes, and overall house damage can lead to much more significant expenses. 

Thus, it\’s always wise to get a plumber and eliminate the issue ASAP.

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