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The best plumbing installers in Kilgore, TX are found at Fountain Plumbing. Let us install your new plumbing system today so you can get the work moving tomorrow!

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For over 20 years, Fountain Plumbing has handled both residential and commercial plumbing installations. We know how to install plumbing the right way, the first time. Call us today to see how we can help!

plumbers kilgore tx
plumbers kilgore tx

Plumbing Installation

When you’re designing your plumbing installation for your home or business, you need a plumbing company that is professional, honest, and experienced. Our team at Fountain Plumbing has 20 years of history and thousands of satisfied customers that will vouch for us in all three of those areas. We would love the opportunity to show you firsthand!

While plumbing experience matters, we believe that every project is truly unique. If you are designing a bathroom installation that gives you an oasis right at home, that’s very different than a new construction plumbing project. We will do both, but they required two different approaches. We will work with you to design a custom plumbing strategy that makes sense for you and your project.

We also handle smaller jobs as well, such as appliance installation. Many of the newer designs have to be installed correctly in order to optimize their efficiency, so don’t leave this process up to chance. Call us today at (903) 566-LEAK and will have that new appliance up and running in no time.

Water Heater Services

No water heater last forever. Even modern tank water heaters usually don’t last more than a decade, but with proper water heater maintenance and regular servicing, there’s a good chance your water heater could outlast every other appliance you own.

Every plumbing company has their specific job that they enjoy more than others, and for the pros at Fountain Plumbing, it’s water heater installation. We love taking the pressure off of homeowners to install and service their water heater correctly, especially since this process can be dangerous if not performed correctly. Take it from us — this is one job where you need a professional.

Best of all, it doesn’t matter what style of water heater you have. We service all brands: Rinnai, Navien, Rheem. We even handle tankless water heater service, and will usually recommend those for new construction plumbing projects since they offer the best water heating efficiency.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your water heater, or just want to get put on a regular water heater servicing plan, call us today for more information.

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Slab Leaks

Although every plumbing problem can be a major issue if not handled correctly, a slab leak left unattended can be a massive headache for the homeowner and the plumbing company. With enough time, you’ll end up having to pay for water damage, new flooring in certain areas, as well as inflated utility bills.

Suffice to say, this is one area that needs to be handled as soon as possible.

The problem is that slab leak detection is really difficult. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, it can be easy to miss. Our team at Fountain Plumbing has all the necessary tools and experience to spot the exact area of a slab leak, which means we can take care of the problem as painless as possible.

If you see any of these signs, contact us today for an evaluation.

Signs You Have a Slab Leak

  • Sound of constant running water. 
  • Spike in water usage (reflected on bill).
  • Low water pressure
  • Mildew or water spots
  • Sudden (or growing) cracks in flooring
One of the easiest ways to determine if you have a leak anywhere is by checking out your water meter. If everything in your house is off (washing machine, dishwasher, showers, sprinkler system, etc) and the dial is turning, that means you have a leak somewhere. Call us today at 903-566-LEAK to get it checked out today!

Pipe Replacement

The average cost of pipe replacement is right around $1200. That number can go up or down depending on the complexity of the project. You should expect to pay more if you’re having to replace a water line, or if the plumber has to rip up the floor in order to get it. A pipe underneath the sink, on the other hand, should cost much less.

These sudden and expensive costs are one reason why Fountain Plumbing has embraced the NuFlow system for trenchless pipe replacement. Instead of removing the whole pipe — which takes a lot of time and can disrupt your home — Fountain is able to go inside the pipe and repair it from the inside out.

Best of all, you’ll still have the durability of a new pipe, just without the headache of whole home re-piping in the traditional sense.

Are you interested in seeing it for yourself? Check out the video below for more information, and then give our office a call at (903) 566 –LEAK to set up an appointment.

Drain Clogs

There are usually two types of drain clogs. The first type is one that you would find in your bathroom or kitchen sink, and comes about due to various debris collecting together and restricting water flow. Drain clogs like this are usually easy to fix — some can even be remedied with DIY solutions.

The other type of drain clog involves a stoppage deep inside your home’s plumbing system or inside the sewer drain itself. These types of clogged drains are nearly impossible to get to without advanced equipment and experience — both of which Fountain has in spades.

If you have clogged drains, call our office to make an appointment and get it inspected. We promise an honest evaluation and the quickest solution possible to get your pipes flowing again.

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John Dembowski
John Dembowski
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I have used them a couple of times since moving into our new house. Every time they have been professional, responsive, and their rates are very fair. They are my go-to plumbing professionals now.
Jennifer England
Jennifer England
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Fountain Plumbing was very knowledgeable, prompt, and honest. They let me know step by step what they were going to be doing and the cost was very reasonable. They went out of their way to make everything simple and convenient for us. I would recommend Fountain Plumbing to all of my friends and family. We will definitely use them for all of our plumbing needs.
Case Castagno
Case Castagno
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When my pipes started to back up into my house, Fountain Plumbing was able to be there with an hour of me calling. Everyone I spoke to was very professional and knowledgeable about my service call. Kenneth and Kevin talked me through all of my options to fix the issues and were very transparent through the entire process. Thank you for the excellent service and I will definitely be using Fountain Plumbing in the future.
Chance Asquith
Chance Asquith
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Fountain Plumbing does exceptional work. I've called them for various issues on both my personal residence as well as for construction, and they have always provided excellent service. They are up front, fair, and will always make sure you are satisfied.
Richard Dodgen
Richard Dodgen
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I have had lots of plumbing completed by Kevin and his crew. I highly recommend them to any one needing plumbing work. Great organization. Good Christian values.

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