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When you need someone to service your hot water heater, Fountain Plumbing is the one you need to call. With over 20 years serving the Tyler, TX area, we know how to get your system back up and running the way it should be! Call us today to see how we can help!

A lot of people will avoid servicing a water heater…until it’s too late. By then, you not only have zero hot water, but most likely a big mess on your hands.

A typical water heater service cost goes way down when you apply regular maintenance. If that’s what you need help with, our team can set you up with a plan that will get you on track in no time.

If you’re looking to replace your existing water heater — or just need a hot water heater replacement — we can help with that too. We service all major models, and handle commercial, electric, and tankless water heaters too. See what we can do for your home or business today!

How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

With regular maintenance, you should expect your water heater to last around ten years. After that mark, the cost of maintenance and risk of water heater failure usually increase. Because of the increase in wear and tear, water heater efficiency generally tends to go down as well.

Several factors can play into how long a water lasts though, such as

  • Brand: We don’t usually recommend one specific brand of water heater, but several of our customers use Rheem water heaters, which are known for their longevity. A.O. Smith and Rinnai water heaters are also excellent choices, but which one you choose depends on your unique situation.
  • Type: Gas and electric water heater technology has come a long way over the last 30 years, primarily in their energy efficiency. If you have a gas water heater, you should expect it to last 8-12 years, while an electric water heater has a life span range of between 10-15 years. Tankless water heaters normally last the longest, with some running efficiently for more than 20 years.

What are Some Signs That My Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced?

Apart from a full water heater explosion, there are several signs that your water heater probably needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If not, you’ll most likely experience decreased water efficiency, poor heating, or even outright failure (which always comes at the most inconvenient time).

Here are the things to look for. If you see any of them, give us a call at 903-566-LEAK to get it fixed!

Rusty or Discolored Water

Even though we live in East Texas, the water that’s coming from your tap should not be the same color as the red dirt outside. Your water should be clear; a red tint or some kind of discoloration usually indicates corrosion inside the pipes — which is the last thing you want inside your body.

Regular water heater maintenance should take care of this issue before it becomes apparent, but if you notice that your water looks or tastes different, get it looked at as soon as possible.

"Rattling" noises

Contrary to what you see in every single horror movie on the planet, your water heater should not make any noises whatsoever. It shouldn’t shake, it shouldn’t rattle, and it certainly make a loud hissing noise.

If you hear any of those, it means there is something seriously wrong on the inside of your tank. It could be as benign as sediment buildup (which could turn into a major problem), or it could be air pockets. 

Don’t attempt to work on it yourself. Have a professional check it out for yours and your family’s safety.

Water Leaks

A water leak in your water heater is a dead giveaway that there’s an issue going on.

Unfortunately, most homeowners never notice a leak until it causes significant damage to the surrounding area or to the tank itself. This could lead to costly water damage bills and — if left for a long time — the possibility for mold to develop.

Be sure to check the area around your water heater often for leaks, and if you notice any, have it inspected.

Increasing Energy Bills

The first time that many homeowners notice an issue with their water system is with their water bill. Even then, it usually takes a huge jump in price for them to raise an eyebrow because of the volatility in utility bills.

It’s a good habit to keep an eye on your utility bills, especially on your water. Every year, the average family wastes 180 gallons of water per week. That adds up really quickly.

If you have a leak, call a plumber to have it looked at. There’s a chance its your water heater, or it could be a leak in some other part of your plumbing system. Either way, it’ll cost you money.

What is the Average cost of a Water heater replacement?

At Fountain Plumbing, we value our reputation in the Tyler, TX community. It’s our goal to give our customers the service they need — and nothing else. 

Occasionally though, a water heater may be beyond repair and may need to be replaced. If so, we’ll be as transparent as possible with pricing and help you make the best decision for your home or business.

Nationwide, the average price of a water heater replacement can be anywhere from $900 to $3000. That price can change dramatically based on factors such as brand, type of water heater, and other services that need to be performed to ensure a successful installation. 

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