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At Fountain Plumbing, water heaters are our specialty. We’ve installed hundreds in our 20+ years of service in the Tyler, Lindale, Jacksonville area, and will make sure that yours is installed correctly. We also repair water heaters, so if yours is on the fritz, let us know and we’ll head right over to fix you up. The last thing you want to have happen is to have no hot water for your shower or bath; even in the hot, East Texas weather, going without is still an inconvenience. 

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For over 20 years, Fountain Plumbing has been serving Tyler, Jacksonville, Lindale, and surrounding areas in Smith County, providing honest, exceptional work at very reasonable rates. If you’re wondering who to call for your water heater repair, Fountain Plumbing is your bet. Our 24/7 emergency service guarantees that we’ll be there any time, night or day, so call us at 903-566-LEAK with any and all questions you may have!


How Long do hot water heaters Last?

That depends on a lot of factors, such as the brand, how it was installed, how well it’s maintained (not to mention this East Texas weather), but most homeowners should expect to get at least 8 years out of their unit, and usually closer to ten. That’s if you have a gas heater; if you use electric, expect for it to be somewhere between 12-15.

What are the benefits of a tankless water heater?

One of the biggest benefits is water efficiency. Though they cost more than traditional water heaters, tankless units take less time to heat the water, so you should notice a drop in your utility bill. Other benefits include longer life expectancy, smaller size, and near instantaneous – and nearly unlimited – hot water.

What are some common water heater problems?

Usually people notice a problem with their water heater when one of two things happen: either there’s no hot water at all, or the water that’s coming out of the faucet is discolored. Others may notice water leaking from the top or bottom of the unit, low water pressure, or strange noises. If you experience any of those, call Fountain Plumbing at 903-566-5325 to get it fixed!


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