Why Is My Hot Water Heater Whistling?

Some people have access to their hot water heater at all times, and are able to notice anything going wrong with it very easily. Other people, however, might have their water heater located in the attic or hidden some where in a basement or closet. If you notice your hot water heater whistling, then here are a few things that might be wrong with it.

Tank is Set Too Hot

When a hot water heater is whistling, it might be due to the Temperature Pressure Relief valve that is trying to release all of the pressure inside the tank. This usually means that the temperature is set too high inside the tank and that you need to adjust the settings on your hot water heater. 

Loose Drain Valve

The valve you open to drain your tank for your yearly hot water heater tank flushing can sometimes be left open just enough to allow air to escape and a whistling noise to be created. When you finish your yearly system flushes, always be sure to tighten any and all openings into your hot water heater tank as tight as possible to prevent air from creeping in or out.

Inlet and Outlet Connections

Just like the drain valve, the other connections on your hot water heater can become loose and create an opening for air to escape. Make sure the connection where the cold water enters your tank and the connection where the water leaves the tank are as tight as they need to be. If you are unsure if this is creating your whistling sound, contact Fountain Plumbing to come take a closer look (and listen). 

Damaged Tank

Sometimes hot water heater tanks can become rusty due to the water and metal being present. If this happens, a crack can occur, which leaves an opening for air to escape. When you neglect to replace or repair your hot water heater as soon as a problem arises, it can become very frustrating when you do not have the desired amount of hot water inside your home. Yearly inspections on your hot water heater will help ensure that your tank is working properly as well as extend the life of your unit. Hot water heaters are typically an expensive part of owning a home, so taking care of the one you have is very important to maximize your costs.

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