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With over 20 years in the plumbing industry, Fountain Plumbing has a reputation for honest and thoughtful work, and a reputation that is unmatched in the greater Tyler area. From water heaters to emergency repair services, let our team of highly qualified and friendly technicians handle your issue. From small jobs to middle-of-the-night emergencies, we’re on call 24/7 to handle your most pressing needs in a prompt and professional manner.


Our Plumbing Services

Kitchens, bathroom, or even the whole house – we do it all! If you’re in need of brand new residential or commercial plumbing, call Fountain Plumbing for competitive rates and honest work.

We service a LOT of water heaters in the Athens, TX area. We would love the opportunity to talk to you about tankless heaters, service options, and anything else you need!

Clogs are no fun. We use the latest video and scrubbing technology to bring your pipes to like-new condition. No clog is too small or too large for the team at Fountain Plumbing!

Need a gas or water line serviced or replaced? Are your sewer lines giving you problems? Through trenchless line repair and other services, we can fix your lines with minimal invasiveness and maximum efficieny.

If you’ve noticed that your floors are wet with no probably cause, you may have a leak in your foundation. These can damage your home in a hurry, so call Fountain Plumbing to get it fixed right away!

Get that dream bathroom you’ve always wanted! Our team will walk you through the process of refitting your kitchen or bathroom to give you the exact layout you’ve had in mind for years.

Is Your Shower Leaking Behind a Wall?

Whether it’s happening behind your shower or in some other part of your house where water pipes are located, a shower leak inside the wall is a big deal. In many cases, leaks can go undetected for weeks or even months, leading homeowners to pay to not only fix the...
emergency plumber

Times When You Need an Emergency Plumber

Even if you properly maintain your home’s plumbing system, there will be a time when you must call for an emergency plumber. These are situations that require immediate attention, and if you don’t get the help of an expert to your home right away, you may find...

Keep Your Shower Water Pressure Strong with These Tips

According to White House staffers from the 1960’s, Lyndon B. Johnson liked his showers a little more intense than normal. Instead of the standard top-down shower arrangement, he wanted water “charging out of multiple nozzles in every direction with needle-like...

How to Mold-Proof Your Bathroom

Mold. It’s the thing that all great horror movies are made of, striking equal parts fear and confusion into the heart of homeowners everywhere. It’s never a pleasant thing to see, but the quicker you can identify it and rid your house of it, the easier the process...

Moen M Pact Modular Plumbing Faucet System

We’ve talked about plumbing faucets before, and frankly we didn’t think there was going to be much new to add about the technology. We were wrong. Moen M Pact common valve systems make it extremely easy to change the look of your bathroom. In fact, it’s as easy as...

How to Flush the Toilet Without Water

Few things in life are as dependable as a toilet. You walk in, do your business, pull the lever, and somehow the magical toilet gets rid of the waste. It’s one of those things in life that we don’t think twice about. Until that is, it stops working. Now, granted, if...

How to Choose a Bathtub

Bathtubs are important fixtures. Nothing relaxes like a warm bath, and nothing sooths like soaking in a tub with salts, scents, and maybe some jetting to massage tired muscles. But for as many bathtubs fill homes coast to coast in America, there should be more...

How to Snake a Drain

After the plunger, the next line of defense against stubborn clogs in your drain is a drain snake, also called an auger. Available at just about any plumbing supply store in the Tyler, Whitehouse, or Lindale area, drain snakes are perfect for reaching deep into...
who invented indoor plumbing?

Who Invented Indoor Plumbing?

It’s hard to conceive of a world where people didn’t use the bathroom and take showers indoors, but it hasn’t been that many generations since those concepts were nothing more than a pipe dream (excuse the pun). Chances are, your grandparents or someone they knew had...
ways to unclog a toilet

Ways to Unclog a Toilet

If you’re panicking at the moment of rising water and a blocked toilet, do this: On the wall immediately behind and near the toilet is a valve. Turn it one way or the other until you hear the running water stop. If you’re not panicking but are instead staring down at...

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