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Fountain Plumbing, Inc. is your “Everything” plumber. Whether you need Residential or Commercial service, New Construction or Remodel, Drain Cleaning or Repair Service, we strive to provide you with professionals with the expertise and experience required to meet your needs, and always in a courteous and professional manner. We will provide you with a level of satisfaction that will exceed your expectations. Call Fountain Plumbing for your next plumbing project.

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Construction for new plumbing is always a challenge. We’ll help you do it right the first time by building a plan and working with your other contractors.

Quality, quality, quality. When it comes to a new plumbing installation in your home or business (sinks, faucets, toilets, etc), we’re your trusted go to!

Clogs are annoying, wouldn’t you agree? If you’ve tried conventional methods and can’t get the water flowing, give us a call! We have the tools and expertise to remove the most stubborn of drain stoppages.

We would love to build you that dream home spa/bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. We also handle walk-in tub and grab bar installations as well.

If you need a new water line to your location, or just need a water line repaired on your home or business, let us know. We’ll have your water flowing in no time!

Gas lines are definitely something you should leave to a professional. Our team has years of experience installing and repairing gas lines and always practices safety above all else.

Smell that? It’s probably a sewer line that is either broken or about to back up in your bathroom. The pros at Fountain Plumbing can fix it for you with minimal impact on your life or wallet.

Don’t spend the money on a fancy new appliance and skip on the installation! We’ll make sure your appliance installation is done right so it can operate as efficiently as possible.

Tankless water heaters, storage water heaters, water heater installation, water heater repair — we’ve done it all and seen it all. Fountain Plumbing is your #1 water heater service company in Tyler, TX!

The last time you want to find out about a water leak in your slab is when you notice a spot on your floor. Our team uses water leak detection equipment to find and fix your leak before it becomes a problem.

Fountain Plumbing is proud to partner with NuFlow technology to provide pipe replacement services that are much less intrusive than they used to be. Give us a call to find out more!

About Us

Proudly Serving Smith County For Over 25 years!

Kevin Fountain and his wife Traci are the owners and founders of Fountain Plumbing, Inc. 

Kevin comes from a long family history of plumbers and plumbing company owners. Kevin Fountain’s great-uncle, J.P. Stegall owned “James Stegall Plumbing” back in 1943. His company employed mostly his brothers and brother-in-laws, one of which was Sam Mink, Kevin’s grandfather. Sam started his own company in 1960. Kevin started working for his grandfather on summer breaks when he was 16 years old. He went on to start his own plumbing company in 1999. Kevin now also employs several family members: Cord (his youngest son), Kenneth (his brother), and Evelyn (his mother).

Cord, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Science from Texas A&M University. 

Kenneth, also started working for their grandfather at an early age during summer breaks.  He now has 45 years’ experience in the plumbing industry.  

Evelyn, has been the voice at the other end of the phone since Kevin went into business for himself.  Her motto: “Always keep a smile on your face.”

With over 20 years in the plumbing industry, Fountain Plumbing has a reputation for honest, quality work.  Having 33 years of experience plumbing, Kevin is well-known and sought after for his knowledge and diagnostic skills in plumbing.  He believes in educating the customer about their options when it comes to their plumbing needs.  He lets them choose whether they want “good, better, or best.”  Fountain Plumbing is a member of the Better Business Bureau’s and maintains an A+ rating. 

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Fountain Plumbing

Tyler, TX

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Why is a Local Plumber So Important?

Understanding of Local Area

The topography of Smith County is different than the surrounding areas. Head an hour north and you’ll find shifting blackland soil; head an hour south and you’re in national forest. Tyler sits right in between these two areas, and that combination plays a huge part in how your plumbing system needs to be designed. We know it better than most, because we’re from here

Rapid Response to Plumbing Emergencies

Instead of getting rerouted through a national hotline to a plumber that may or may not be available, Fountain prides itself on its fast, local response. Our emergency services can be on the spot day or night, no matter the issue.

Community Engagement and Connections

We’re proud of all the national organizations we’re a part of, but what really makes us feel connected to our customers is being involved in the local community. Whether that’s through our sponsorship of Tyler’s Life Skills Workshop or cooperation with the local Chamber of Commerce, we love to give back to our community when and where we can.



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What do Your Neighbors Say About Us?

We have used Fountain Plumbing exclusively for the last 15 years after we had a slab leak and they were recommended to us. Our experience with Fountain Plumbing during this leak is why we trust them with any plumbing issue. Their work is done quickly and correctly the first time.
I have been using this company so long that they still call my home phone—even though I schedule using my mobile 😊. They do an excellent job each time.
All my fifty years and various homes and states Fountain personnel are the best in all aspects including honesty, reliability, and workmanship. Recently called for service at my son's home and again same day service and problem resolved. Again, service as it should be.
Proudly serving the Tyler, TX area for over 25 years!