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How Long Do Water Heaters last?

If you’re like most Americans, you probably couldn’t think about living without your water heater. It provides the water you need to clean your hands, …

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Dishwasher Installation 101

Whether you’re replacing an old dishwasher or installing one where there wasn’t one before, you can accomplish installation by yourself without a lot of hassle. …

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How Much Does a Leaking Faucet Cost?

Every household has had an annoying experience with a leaking faucet. Yes, it might be nothing serious at first, but after a while, the nonstop …

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8 Signs Your Pipes are Clogged

Clogged pipes can cause everything from mold growth to flooding in your house. These damages often incur high repair costs and take time to fix, …

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Who Invented Indoor Plumbing?

It’s hard to conceive of a world where people didn’t use the bathroom and take showers indoors, but it hasn’t been that many generations since …

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9 Steps to Installing a New Kitchen Faucet

If your current faucet has stopped working, or if it just looks like it was installed during the Nixon administration, it may be time to …

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Signs Your Water Heater is Going to Explode

Every once in a while, we’ll get a phone call at the office from a new homeowner with a simple, yet terrifying question: “Can a …

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Why Is My Hot Water Not Getting Hot?

One of the most frustrating things you can experience is getting into a nice shower after a long day’s work, only to find that your …

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Choosing a bathtub

Bathtubs are important fixtures. Nothing relaxes like a warm bath, and nothing sooths like soaking in a tub with salts, scents, and maybe some jetting …

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