Installing a New Toilet

Installing a new toilet is a DIY project that’s simpler than many home plumbers think it is. In reality toilet system is straightforward. And unless you run into significant structural damage when you’re installing the toilet rim, a handy DIY plumber can install most toilets in less than an hour. This guide will help you plan your toilet system.

Toilets come in two models: One-piece and double-piece. While the looks of these two toilets are different, the models are the same. You’ll be installing the toilet using the same procedure.

First, let’s look at a new toilet and its parts.

Two-Piece Toilet Installation Parts

When you open the package of a two-piece toilet, you’ll find it includes the basin, the tank, and the tank lid. You may also find a short packet of hardware. However, the kit may not include the wax ring seal that squishes between the toilet basin and the floor flange. Also lacking in a new toilet installation kit is the toilet’s water supply connection line.

in a moment we’ll talk further about toilet installation parts needed from a hardware store.

One-Piece Toilet Installation Parts

Unlike the two piece toilet, when you open the package of a one-piece toilet you’ll find the basin and the tank combined in a tidy box. Beyond that, the two-piece and one-piece toilet arrangements are related. Both have a tank and a basin part and will mount to the floor using a wax-ring seal with a few specialized bolts. Later you’ll see how these bolts connect the floor flange to the toilet’s basin.

More On Toilet Installation Parts

Earlier we mentioned toilet installation parts needed from a hardware store. These include the wax ring seal and the supply line.

When you connect any toilet to a home’s sewer line, you need to provide a proper seal between the toilet bowl and the floor. While rubber makes up most plumbing fixture seals, wax is used to seal the toilet to the floor flange.

Toilet Wax Ring Installation

If you are installing a new toilet on an existing toilet rim, you’ll most likely be looking at a bunch of goo surrounding the time on the floor. Being sanitary, clear the goo from the floor flange with a putty knife and dispose of it.

When you’re installing a wax seal on the toilet, you’ll put the ring on the floor flange. Place the toilet basin upside down on a warm surface. Look at the underside and you’ll see a circular opening in the center. This opening is where the basin discharges to the home’s sewer line. It is also where the wax ring seals the toilet to the floor flange.

But before you set the toilet’s wax ring, understand how a toilet attaches to the floor.

Attaching A Toilet To The Floor

Looking at the toilet’s floor flange you’ll be looking at a series of oblong spaces. Finding the new toilet’s hardware box, or in the wax ring you’ve gotten from the hardware store, you’ll find bolts that have oblong heads.

You’ll notice along the outside bottom of the basin a few holes. These holes allow the bolts to protrude from the toilet flange through the base so you can later bolt the toilet down. 

You will take two of these bolts from the box and slip them into the flanges oblong holes. Place them in the same arrangement on the base holes considering how the toilet would sit on the floor.  Once you figure this out and have the bolts in the holes, twist them 90 degrees.

Install The Toilet’s Wax Ring Seal

WIth the toilet upside down, place the waxy side of the wax ring around the opening. Once in place, push to make sure it sticks.

Seating The Toilet

Flip the toilet over and hover it over the flange and the protruding bolts.  Let the toilet settle onto the flange with the bolts threaded through the holes on the outside base of the toilet basin.

Once the toilet is in place, look in the hardware kit and find two nuts. These nuts will thread onto the bolts that are sticking out of the basin bottom. Put the nuts on and thread them down until they are snug with the basin bottom.

Now, push on the toilet to set the wax ring. Next, tighten the nuts on the bolts being careful not to overtighten.

If you’re installing a one piece toilet, you’re ready to connect the water supply line.

Installing the Toilet Tank

The toilet tank has seals that surround two openings at the bottom of the tank. These two holes are where you thread a bolt from the bottom of the tank through the basin. You’ll also find two rubber washers or seals to put onto the bolts before dropping them through the tank. Slip these bolts through the holes. Attach a nut to each of the bolts on the bottom of the tank and snug them finger tight, don’t over tighten because you’ll crack the tank.

Make sure the main gasket is in place around the large opening at the bottom of the tank. Position the tank over the basin and lower the tank with the bolts through the holes in the basin.

Find two more nuts from the hardware kit and thread them finger tight on the bolts now sticking out from the bottom of the toilet basin. Then, from the top and inside the tank, use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the bolts while you hold the bolts on the bottom.

Now you just have to connect the water supply and let the toilet tank fill.

Installing the Toilet Water Supply Line

At the bottom of the tank you’ll see a threaded connector that you’ll screw one end of the supply line on. At the other end, you’ll thread the water supply to the threaded valve somewhere behind the toilet. Make sure both ends are tight.

Turn on the water. Check for leaks.

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