Why Is My Hot Water Not Getting Hot?

One of the most frustrating things you can experience is getting into a nice shower after a long day’s work, only to find that your water heater is not working properly. When this happens, there are a number of things that might be wrong, some of which you might need the help of a local plumber in Tyler, TX. Here are a few possibilities that might be the reason your hot water is not getting hot.

Gas or Power

What happens when your car runs out of gas? It simply will not run any more, and the same thing happens with a hot water heater. When the hot water is not getting hot, it could be as simple as needing more gas. For electric water heaters, the problem might be a tripped breaker or a faulty connection with a blown fuse. Regardless of your type of unit, if you are unable to get it running again, contact Fountain Plumbing to help save the day and get your water running at the temperature you want again quickly!

Pilot Light

A pilot light is designed to help keep your water heater as safe as possible, and when the light goes out, it shuts off the gas supply to the burners in order to keep the tank from accumulating too much gas. There can be a number of reasons the pilot light can go out, and if this is your situation, it might be best to have a professional take a look. Fountain Plumbing has trained professionals that are able to diagnose and treat problems when your hot water is not getting hot, all while staying as safe as possible.

Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

The temperature pressure relief valve (also known as TPR valve) is designed to keep your tank at a desired temperature. If the tank gets too hot, it can become very dangerous and cause an explosion that could result in death. The best way to make sure your tank is operating properly is to have a plumber come inspect your tank and TPR valve. If the valve is leaking, it can keep the water from arriving at your faucet, bathtub or shower at the desired temperature. 

Nuts and Bolts Loose

One of the easiest ways to determine why your hot water is not getting hot is by checking out the nuts and bolts on your unit. If you notice any leaks around your tank, you will be able to quickly identify the issue and once these are tightened, the problem should resolve itself. 

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