Why Is There No Hot Water In My Electric Water Heater?

Hot water heaters are an amazing amenity in any home, but the moment it stops working properly, it can become quite a headache for homeowners. The best thing to do when you have no hot water on your electric water heater is to identify the problem immediately. If you are unable to do so, Fountain Plumbing in Tyler, TX is always readily available to come inspect the problem and make any repairs necessary. If you are troubleshooting on your own, here are a few possibilities as to what has caused no hot water from an electric water heater.

Tripped Breaker

The easiest problem to fix is when you have no hot water due to a tripped breaker. You will know if your water heater is out due to a tripped breaker because the switch will be facing the opposite direction from all of the other switches in the box. All you have to do is flip the switch in the opposite direction and your water should be back to it’s normal temperature very soon. If, however, the breaker is tripped again immediately after you turn the switch, be sure to hire a professional electrician and plumber to come fix the problem.

High Temperature Switch

Often times the high temperature switch can also be tripped, resulting in all of the hot water being completely shut off for the house. If there is a problem with this switch, then it might need to be replaced by a professional. Otherwise, you should be able to press the button and reset the temperature gauge within the hot water heater tank. 

Water Leak

A water leak is easy to identify because you will see a pool of water surrounding your hot water heater. If you have no hot water inside your home and you use an electric unit, then you need to be sure to turn off the power and the water as soon as possible to stay as safe as possible while working on the problem. 

Tank Size

Sometimes the reason why you have no hot water from your electric water heater is simply that you have the wrong size of tank. Larger families demand more hot water for showers or baths, and depending on what time of day everyone is taking showers you might not have enough in the tank to meet the demands. It is also important to think about what other appliances in your home are using hot water and try to avoid using these while you are taking a shower or bath. 

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